Ugly Looking Foods that are Good for You

Ugly Looking Foods that are Good for You

Ugly Looking Foods that are Good for You

Has your Mum ever given you something to eat that looks like it belongs in a rubbish tip? Don’t get mad at her just yet! Most likely that food is very good for you, regardless of its looks! Most of us choose the food we like based on how it looks first. Even if a food tastes good, if it looks disgusting, your brain may send you signals that it tastes as bad as it looks. Unfortunately, if we want to be healthy we have to get over that! Here are some foods that look quite ugly, but are incredibly good for us!


Celeriac looks almost like a brown creature that crawled onto your plate! However, once you’ve shaved it, the inside is high in vitamins and dietary fibres. The main vitamin in celeriac is vitamin K, which is good for your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Passion Fruit

The outside of a passion fruit looks fine, but when you cut into it, the inside is squishy and slimy. It does not look appetizing at all! However, passion fruit also contains a lot of dietary fibres as well as Vitamin A, which is good for your sight, as well as lowering your cholesterol. Passion fruit is a highly recommended food, especially if you suffer from high cholesterol issues.

Black Garlic

On the outside, black garlic looks just like ordinary garlic. Once you cut into it, however, it looks like a burnt mess! You would expect it to taste something like ash, but in reality its as tasty as regular garlic and much better for you. The main advantage of black garlic is that it contains many antioxidants.


Tempeh is considered one of the most disgusting looking foods known to man! It is fermented soy that’s full of good protein. The fact that tempeh is fermented makes it more digestible as the process of fermentation breaks down the food to a more digestible form.

Basil Seeds

This food looks like what you’d expect to see on the top of a spider’s face! It’s like hundreds of beady little eyes staring at you! Creepy! The reason for this is because when basil seeds come into contact with a liquid; it becomes gelatinous, causing it to look like a nasty mess of black eyeballs! On the positive side, these basil seeds will help you through indigestion and constipation; two things none us like to experience! They are also helpful for reducing your appetite, so if you’re trying to diet, I would recommend eating these eyeballs; I mean these basil seeds!


Marmite is the kind of food that you either love or you hate! On first glance, it looks somewhat like liquid tar! Based in New Zealand, this food is used to spread on bread or crackers. Different brands have been produced in both Australia and England. Tasting of a salted yeast flavour, this particular food is difficult to take down if you aren’t used to it. However, it does contain large amounts of iron, as well as vitamin B3 which boosts your immune system and helps protect you against viruses.

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